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Open Back

Open Back Dresses & Blouses

It’s hard to believe, but our great looking blouses and dresses are “BACK WRAP"... and no one makes them as comfortable to wear as Alberta Clothing. While the person being dressed remains seated, the garment can be slipped on and easily drawn up to the shoulders.
A generous back overlap falls into place providing discreet coverage. Two sets of dome closures (1st. set tuck neatly under the collar, and the 2nd set, down at the small of the back) keeps the garment securely closed, and are gentle on fragile skin.

SIZES     S – 3XL

Open Back Undervests

With the same charming design as our regular under vests, but with a generous overlap for modesty, yet still enable quick and easy dressing.
Alberta clothing takes pride in all our fabrics and stitching, which provides the durability you need for repeated commercial laundering.



 picture comming soon 

Open Back Nighties

Designed with a full open back, to slip on with the ease that caregivers will appreciate. Loose, comfortable styling, so those in their care can rest easy.
Our nightgowns are pretty enough for day time lounging and feature a full back overlap with a reinforced domed fastener at each shoulder.
Whether you choose the summer weight cotton blend, or the toasty warm flannel, Alberta clothing supplies many styles and colours to satisfy every taste.