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Welcome to Our Website!

Call us at (780)-238-4178

We are providers of adaptive as well as traditional clothing and specialty accessories for elderly or disabled men and women residing at home in nursing homes or other health care facilities.

At Alberta Clothing we are sensitive to the needs of those who have limited mobility due to aging or illness.  Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.  All can impact on independent dressing skills.

Our clothing is designed to foster as much independent dressing as possible and to assist caregivers in simplifying the dressing routine.

Some of our customers may also have conditions requiring specialty items such as diabetic socks, shoes or slippers for edema, and incontinence products.

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable, low maintenance clothing in cheerful prints, with a comfortable style and fit.  Our clothing must also be able to withstand the rigors of institutional style washers and dryers.

The long term care industry is changing rapidly.  As “cutbacks” have become the “in” phrase of politicians and the necessity to provide more care in today’s facilities has increased, both the patients, residents and caregiver’s needs have changed dramatically.  To give the most superior service we come directly to the facility.  Our clothing consultants will outfit your loved ones with the most appropriate clothing right there!!  The caregivers are on site, and know what is the best type of clothing needed, since they are the ones that do the dressing & changing every day.

When family members can attend as well, it’s a double bonus!! Have a visit, shop or just look at all of the new colors, styles and fabrics.  To be able to actually touch, feel and see our clothing is the most “headache free” you’ve ever experienced.  Designed to eliminate many of the responsibilities you are now faced with.

Call us anytime @ 780-238-4178 to find out when we will be at your loved one’s facility or area most accommodating for you.

Alberta Clothing has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with any item, return it within 30 days in its original condition for either an exchange or a full refund of the purchase price.

GST FREE…. Revenue Canada allows for an exemption of the GST on all open back clothing.  Just a letter signed by a physician, indicating that open back clothing is required for medical reasons, is all that is needed.  Once we have this letter on file, we will retain the information for all future purchases.

Alberta Clothing Supplier Adaptive Wear. Countless Styles, prints, fabric and colors. and they are all back wrap opening.

We make them uniquely comfortable with an extra large overlap and offset placement of snap closures.  You’ll notice that most of today’s back opening garments position their snaps straight down the back of the garment.  This placement puts considerable pressure on a wheelchair patient and can cause possible spine irritation.  To avoid this serious problem, the overlap concept with ideal offset positioning of snaps, allow residents much more comfort, and when they move around the large overlap keeps them completely covered

Our incontinent slacks give the wearer a wonderful feeling of dignity, comfort and fashion.  They allow the caregiver extraordinary ease of dressing the resident, ambulatory or wheel chair because of the long zippers that open at the waist and continue down to the knees, it makes changing undergarments a breeze too!!  Our adaptive wear features 5 thread overlock safety stitching in every seam.  And every point of stress is bar tacked and lock stitched to give you the finest garment of its type in existence!